Seat Belts Are For Everyone

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Do you know what SAFE stands for? The Shawnee County Sheriff's Office wants to make sure that after this week you do.

SAFE stands for "Seat Belts Are For Everyone" and that's the motto they're going with as they enforce seat belt compliance around Shawnee County high schools from March 12 to March 22.

They're partnering with the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office to provide all the public information anyone wants about how wearing a seat belt can save a life, and decrease motor vehicle-related injuries and deaths.

This year is the third the SAFE program has been implemented in area high schools.

Based on past results from the program, participating high schools have shown a nine percent increaase in wearing seat belts in 2011 and a six percent increase in 2012.