Search For Dog Continues In Manhattan

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - The search for a stray dog in western Manhattan continued in full force Friday night.

Animal Control and several area residents explored the woods just outside of the Golden Wok to hunt for a dog who has been uncatchable for several months now. Witnesses say the dog had been tranquilized, but was still able to get away before being captured.

"We still weren’t able to catch him, so we’re going to sit out here tonight and see if we can kind of wait it out and see if he’ll fall back into his normal routine and come out and eat and get some food," said Odell Thomas. "We’ll try to see if we can tranq him again and catch him while he’s out. We searched deep into the woods for him and we couldn’t really get him. He was literally five feet in front of us and then turned and walked off into the woods again."

Efforts to catch the dog will continue tonight and tomorrow. Animal Control says they hope to have the dog captured before temperatures drop below zero this weekend.