Seaman Unified School District Wants New School

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People in the seaman school district on the north side of Topeka would gain a new middle school, and see two elementary schools close under a proposed bond issue.

Residents will vote on it on the April second general election ballot.

In addition to a new middle school, the nearly $57.5 million dollar bond will also expand Elmont, North Fairview and West Indianola elementary schools, and renovate the current Seaman Middle School into the brand new Northern Hills Elementary.

USD 345 Seaman School Boardmember Fred Patton says a "yes" vote on an April 2nd ballot issue will give residents a middle school more current with the times. "It will give the students a school for the time they live in, the other middle school was fine for when it was built but now we need to update."

If passed, Elmont, North Fairview, and West Indianola will receive additional classrooms and new gyms, eliminating the need for any portable classrooms.

A new, two story Seaman Middle School will be constructed to the south of the current middle school which will be transformed into what would be called Northern Hills Elementary School.

To some, the near $57,485,000 price tag may seem steep but board members feel residents pockets won't take a big hit..

Patton says that on a home worth $150,000 it will only result in approximately $1.44 a month per resident.

If passed, the district plans to offer the Rochester and Pleasant Hill buildings for sale, stating they have outgrown those two facilities.

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