Seaman Grade School Students Must Put Away Their Phones Now

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Elementary students at Seaman schools will now have to put away their phones. In fact, the new policy recommends they don't even bring them to school.

The new rules were approved by the USD 345 board Monday night. In addition to requiring that the phone is turned off and in a bookbag or coat during the school day. If the kid uses it or it rings, the phone will be taken away and returned only to parents.

The policy changes come at the behest of elementary school principals who had asked the board for guidance. The middle schools and high school already had policies in place. Middle school kids have to keep theirs in their lockers all day, while high school students can use them between classes.

Here's the full policy:

We recommend that electronic devices not be brought to school The school is not responsible for the theft or breakage of cellphones, iPods, cameras or other electronic devices brought to school. If a student must bring a cellphone/handheld device to school, the parent needs to let the school know about this. The student must keep the device turned off and in a book bag or coat during the school day. If the device creates a disturbance during the school day (rings, sounds off, etc.), the device will be confiscated and will only be returned to the parent/guardian.

Posted by: Nick Viviani