SHOCKING VIDEO: Women Run Over By Train

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The Indiana Rail Road Company has released video taken from the perspective of the conductor of a train as it ran over two women. The women had trespassed on an 80-foot-tall railway bridge in southern Indiana.

The two women survived. They apparently escaped to a nearby car and got away.

Officials with the Indiana Rail Road Company say it happened just before seven in the morning on July 10th. The train was headed northeast in Monroe County approaching Lake Lemon. That's when the train's engineer saw two women in the train's path.

Authorities say the women were trespassing on the middle of a bridge that spanned an inlet of Lake Lemon, known as Shuffle Creek Trestle. The bridge is 500 feet long and 80 feet high.

The engineer of the train reportedly stuck to protocol, immediately applying the emergency brake and sounding the horn. But as the two women ran from the train, the engineer said he was helpless to do more as the train caught up with them.

The engineer said by the time the train came to a stop, it had completely passed the point where the women stopped running. He thought he had killed two people and quickly alerted the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Posted by: Nick Viviani