Roof In Progress At Habitat For Humanity House

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- The roof on the Habitat For Humanity house is almost complete, and volunteers say progress is coming along nicely.

Saturday morning members from Fellowship Bible Church helped at the Habitat For Humanity house at 1717 Sieben to get it ready for the Munganga family.

Volunteers were working to put the roof on the house. Next week subcontractors will be able to install heating and cooling, plumbing and electricity.

One organizer, Ivan Weichert, has been involved in Habitat For Humanity for 15 years and has served on the board. He continues to help each time they build a house for a family because he used to be a builder, and says it helps fill the need. But the most important part to him:

"It's working with the families when they come out and help on the job and seeing their faces when they get their new home."

He described that feeling as "super."

Alex Poage is a member of Fellowship Bible Church and it was his first time helping.

"It's a way to give back to the community," Poage said. "I've been working construction this summer so I thought it's a great way to use my skills."

Weichert tells us there have been some delays due to weather, but the Munganga family will be in their new home by Thanksgiving.

"It'll be a good addition to the neighborhood," Weichert said.