Road Construction Will Interfere With First Day Of School

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- Some parents and student drivers will have to start their morning a little earlier Wednesday and Thursday morning for the first day of school.

Construction projects are blocking main routes and school officials are doing their best to work around the mess.

Little ones will head back to school at Wanamaker Elementary School Wednesday morning, but some parents could see the "road closed" sign on their normal route.

"Parents coming from the east will not be able to get to the school if they don't detour around Urish Road," Principal Marc Sonderegger said.

10th & Vitt is closed as crews continue bridge repair work.

Sonderegger wants parents to be aware to avoid confusion. He sent out an email to parents to let them know of alternate plans.

"We've worked out an arrangement with Fellowship Bible Church over here, they were gracious enough to let us use their parking lot to help with some traffic flow and drop-off. We've adjusted our drop-off procedures in the morning a little bit so families don't have to make U-turns in the middle of the street," Sonderegger said.

Up north, parents and student drivers at Seaman High School will run right into construction at 46th & Rochester Road on Thursday morning.

Communications Director Jeff Zehnder said the hope was that it would be finished by early summer to avoid interfering with the start of classes, but it did not happen.

"50th Street is the only way. If you're coming from the south, you're going to have to go up north and come back around again. And thankfully the county did put up a temporary traffic light at 50th and Topeka Boulevard."

Zehnder says the construction will be a hassle until November, but it's needed.

"It's going to make traffic in and out of Seaman a lot better. The idea with the roundabout is traffic keeps moving and they're supposed to be safer compared to a four-way stop," Zehnder said. "Improving safety in a place where lots of 17-year-olds are driving is always a positive thing."

10th and Vitt is set to reopen October 31.

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