Road Construction Closure Alert For Lawrence Area

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LAWRENCE, Kan (WIBW)-- K-10 Construction projects in Lawrence will cause multiple closures, so be warned.

HASKELL AVENUE: North and southbound traffic on Haskell Ave. is shifted from 26th street to 31st street

LOUISIANNA STREET: Closed at 35th Street, North and South bound traffic from N1250 Road south to the Wakarusa Bridge closed through Spring of 2015.

LOUISIANA STREET & 31st STREET: Closed south of Broken Arrow Park and both East and Westbound traffic on 31st through Spring of 2015.

N1500 ROAD: East and Westbound N1500 from E900 to K-10 through Spring of 2015.

O’CONNELL ROAD (E1600 ROAD) & 31ST STREET (N1300 Road) INTERSECTION: Closed through Spring of 2015.

E1750 ROAD: North and Southbound closed from N1360/25th Street through 35th Street.N1250 until Spring 2015.

To see online maps and further details CLICK HERE