Resource Fair Set To Assist Emporia Hostess Workers

(WIBW) - State and local agencies are teaming up next week to ensure Hostess workers know what resources are available to help them.

KANSASWORKS is organizing a series of Rapid Response Workforce Informational Meetings. They'll take place Monday, Dec. 3, Tuesday, Dec. 4, and Thursday, Dec. 6, at Flint Hills Technical College, 18th Avenue and Graphic Arts Road in Emporia.

All former Dolly Madison workers are invited to get information and assistance with job search, job training, local services and resources, and unemployment insurance. Meetings are expected to last about 90 minutes. Following a formal presentation, workers will be able to go online to sign up for benefits, such as unemployment, and attend a resource fair with organizations such as the Salvation Army, Lyon County Restricted Emergency Fund, Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc., Westar, SOS, Emporia Public Schools, Flint Hills Technical College and Emporia State University.

Workers should attend meetings based on their last names and union membership. (See below for the full schedule)

Some 700 workers at the Emporia plant lost their jobs when Hostess got the go ahead to liquidate last week in the wake of a strike by its bakers union. Union members were upset over cuts to pay and pension benefits, but the company says those concessions were necessary to stay in business.

Anyone with questions about the meetings or resources may contact the KANSASWORKS Emporia Center, 1622 Industrial Rd., 620-342-3355.

Meeting Schedule

Monday, Dec. 3
Bakers Union
8:30 am A-B
11 am C-D
1:30 pm E-G
3:30 pm H-K

Tuesday, Dec. 4
Bakers Union
8:30 am L-M
11 am N-R
1:30 pm S-T
3:30 pm U-Z

Thursday, Dec. 6
8:30 am All members, A-Z
11 am All members, A-Z
1:30 pm A-M
3:30 pm N-Z