Residents Express Concerns About Upcoming Urish Road Project

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - People living near an upcoming construction project in southwest Topeka heard details of the plan at a public meeting Thursday night.

Crews will widen Urish Road between SW Swonthold and 33rd streets.

Residents asked questions about emergency routes, parking, detours and speed limits for the road project. Safety and traffic flow were among the worries residents expressed.

Authorities said part of the meeting was about being proactive.

"Anytime you have a residential area with that much traffic, that really wasn't planned for that much traffic, it can cause heartaches for the neighborhood," Mission Township Fire Chief Forrest Walter said. "You've got kids outside that aren't used to that much traffic so we're trying to make sure everybody is safe."

But some people who live in the area are still concerned.

"It's not how much traffic flows, it's how it flows through people," said Dave Relihan, who lives in the construction area. "Hopefully nobody gets hurt."

Construction is expected to last from March to August.