Research Says Less Experienced Teachers Most Engaged

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LAWRENCE, Kansas (WIBW) -- According to one KU researcher, the seasoned, experienced teachers may not be the ones who are performing the best in classrooms.

Researcher from the University of Kansas Shane Lopez says that K-12 teachers with less than one year of experience are the most engaged at work, based on Gallup survey data.

The percent of engagement continues to fall with as many years of experience a teacher has. Engagement peaks around ten years, but it still isn't as high as teachers with less experience.

"For our nation, this means more than 2.5 million of our 3.7 million K-12 teachers are not bringing their best selves to work every day," Lopez said. He is a psychologist and professor of the practice at the university's School of Business, and a senior scientist for Gallup.

The survey findings are based on more than 7,265 American K-12 teachers.

The survey says engagement drops over time in non-teaching jobs as well, but it's more common in teachers. That may be because teachers may feel their opinions don't count.