Report: Facebook Killing Messenger In Its App Soon

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(WIBW/CNN) -- Facebook is finally pulling the plug on chatting in its main app. The social media behemoth will force you to use its dedicated Messenger app sometime in "the next few days," reports TechCrunch.

The move isn't a huge surprise. Back in April, the company began notifying mobile users that they'll no longer be able to text via its core app. Instead, they'll need to download Messenger, the dedicated texting app Facebook rolled out in 2011.

The only question remained was when. Now, we know - give or take.

"Messenger is a much faster and better experience and we've found that people get replies 20% faster on Messenger than on Facebook," the spokeswoman said in an e-mail. "Taking messages out of the Facebook app also lets us focus on making Messenger even better for everyone rather than working on two separate Facebook messaging experiences."

In November, after Facebook launched Messenger 3.0, the company discontinued messaging in the core Facebook app for people who already had Messenger.

Posted by: Nick Viviani