Repaired Troll Sculpture Returned Home

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) -- The troll is back in Wichita.

A 200-pound bronze sculpture of a troll was returned to its lair under a grate near the Keeper of the Plains statue on Friday. The popular statue was removed in October after vandals sawed off its arm and stole a necklace.

Artist Connie Ernatt, who created the sculpture, has fixed it with a super reinforced arm and a new necklace. She and city officials say they were surprised by the public concern since the troll was taken out of the enclosure.

The Wichita Eagle reports after the troll returned Friday, city workers sealed all the entry points vandals used to break into the enclosure, including 5-foot bolts to keep the gate in place.

The troll was first installed in 2007.

Posted by: Lindsay Sax