Recognized Women Set Out In Heels To Deliver Meals

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Meals on Wheels wants to let everyone know about its continuing effort to bring nutritious meals to those who need them.

Recognized women from around the community set out, in their high heels, to deliver meals as part of the organization's "March for Meals" campaign.

The women gathered at the Meals On Wheels headquarters in Topeka for a short orientation first, to learn a little more about the organization's impact on the community.

Many homebound people depend on the 1,300 volunteers in Shawnee and Jefferson counties daily for a nutritious meal.

The organization delivers about a thousand meals per day.

Mayor Bunten put his best foot forward, not in high heels of course, to help out this month, too.

The whole month of March is dedicated to spreading awareness.

President and CEO of Meals on Wheels Heidi Pickerell said awareness is extremely important. "There are misconceptions about Meals on Wheels, that it's only for the elderly, that it is only for those who are financially strapped," she said, "but that is not the case. It truly is a matter of individuals who are homebound and are in need of a nutritious meal."

Meals on Wheels not only gives its clients a warm plate, but also personalized interaction and check-ups each day.

About 75 other corporations and organizations works with Meals on Wheels, sending out employees, to help it achieve its goal.