Ralliers Push For Medicaid Expansion

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Ralliers stood outside the Capitol Saturday pushing for medicaid expansion.

Members of a group called "Move On" and other concerned residents stood outside the Capitol holding "honk and wave" signs as well as handing out fliers to the public in support of medicaid expansion and affordable health care.

Members say they want to urge Governor Sam Brownback to accept medicaid expansion.

Brownback has previously said he resisted medicaid expansion because he says he isn't confident the federal government will pay for all the costs for the first three years. He has said he wants to focus on eliminating the states waiting list of Kansans with disabilities needing services.

Protesters say the expansion would give 77 thousand Kansans access to health care. 75 similar events are happening across the nation to advocate for medicaid expansion and affordable care access.