Quivira To Remain Closed When Whoopers Arrive

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STAFFORD, Kan. (AP) -- Under a new plan, a federal wildlife refuge in south-central Kansas will remain closed to hunting when whooping cranes are migrating through, but hunters will get a chance to go after deer and turkey in the refuge.

The plan approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge requires Quivira to remain closed to hunting when whooping cranes arrive there.

Sections of the refuge have been opened to waterfowl hunting but then closed when the whooping cranes show up during their fall migration. The agency was considering keeping the refuge open to hunting when the whooping cranes were there, but decided to keep it closed.

The new plan also calls for eventually adding deer and turkey hunts, which had been prohibited in the refuge.

Posted by: Lindsay Sax