Post-Christmas Shoppers Out On Wanamaker

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- It was the day after Christmas, and all throughout Topeka, the streets were stirring with anxious shoppers ready to spend their cash they got for the holiday or take back the sweater that just didn't fit right.

All the shoppers made commuting on Wanamaker a little difficult today. Cars were backed up especially after a wreck happened around 1:15 p.m.

That still didn't stop people from getting to stores like Target, Best Buy and Walmart for the clearance deals and returns and exchanges, pretty typical for the day after Christmas.

13 News spoke to several shoppers who were coming and going. Some were there for exchanges and ended up buying items on clearance, and some were out to spend the holiday cash that was burning a hole in their pockets.

Today Target opened at 7 a.m., an hour earlier, but people were still lined up outside.

Store managers say its not as busy as the couple days before Christmas, but still one of the busiest.

However, retailers around the nation weren't seeing the numbers they'd hoped for this year.

"I never fought any really bad lines," Jake Livgren said. "I'd say the worst we had to deal with was when we went to Kansas City. Here in Topeka it wasn't really that bad. We did quite a bit of shopping online for our daughter just because it seems like Topeka doesn't overstock very well."

Earlene Carothers was out for an exchange and said she did it quickly. "I was surprised there weren't long lines," she said.

Store managers say it is usually busy the couple days after Christmas but later on in the week it will slow to regular January business.