Snorting Smarties: 3/4 Of Wichita 5th Grade Class Say They've Done It

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) — Snorting Smarties: It's a fad in several schools across the country that has parents and doctors concerned. Students are crushing Smarties candy into fine powder and inhaling it.

Today, Wichita Police issued a local warning about the trend. According to a USD 259 spokesperson, 12 out of 16 students in the same 5th grade class at Enterprise Elementary have been snorting the candy.

A warning about Smartie snorting sent from a Rhode Island school last week drew national media attention.

Inhaling crushed Smarties does not lead to any kind of "high" or hallucinogenic effect, but doctors say it can cause damage to the body including infection or scarring of the nasal cavity.