Four Remaining Hostages Rescued In Illinois Standoff

Police: 5 children, 1 woman taken hostage in Harvey, Illinois, after robbery (CBS)
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HARVEY, Ill. (CNN) — Law enforcement officers forcefully but safely ended a two-day hostage situation at suburban Chicago house Wednesday morning, barging into the home and rescuing two children and two women while taking two suspects into custody, authorities said.

The move -- made after nearly 20 hours of negotiations between suspects and police -- finished a standoff that police say began with a robbery attempt that initially left six children and two women hostage in the home in Harvey, Illinois.

"We're very happy that there's been a peaceful resolution," Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart told reporters. "No shots were fired."

The four hostages rescued Wednesday are "traumatized" but unharmed, Dart said. No one was injured in the rescue, he said. Four other hostages -- children ranging in age from 1 to 12 -- were released late Tuesday, police said.

The call came in Tuesday afternoon

Authorities got their first indication of trouble in the form of a 911 call about a robbery attempt at around 12:45 p.m., said Harvey, Illinois, police spokesman Sean Howard.

One police officer responding to that call was shot in the arm but is OK, Dart said. Information about how the other officer was injured wasn't available, but that officer also is OK, according to Dart.

Sometime afterward, Harvey police said, law officers from all over Illinois then surrounded the residence and began the negotiating process.

Dart said the talks persisted for hours and proved to be a "very thoughtful approach" to hostage negotiations. Then, the back-and-forth stalemated and "the time had come for certain action," Dart said.

"At this juncture it was the prudent thing to do, which was to enter the house and to secure the hostages to make sure they weren't being harmed because things were getting a little bit more on the dicier side," Dart said.

Law enforcement knocked down a first-floor door and hustled up to the second floor, where they found the hostages and got them out.

The suspects were taken into custody. "They didn't surrender themselves," Dart said.

Dart said the hostages consisted of members of families that knew each other. There's no indication that the suspects had any connection to the hostages before Tuesday, Dart said.

Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg wants residents to stay inside their own homes as police, who have blocked off nearby streets, deal with the situation.

A city of about 25,000 people, Harvey is about 20 miles south of Chicago.

CNN's Bill Kirkos and Greg Botelho contributed to this report.

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