Care Cabs Help Record Number Of New Year's Passengers

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Update: The Care Cab rides offered during the New Year's Eve celebrations were a success.

AAA says Yellow Cab gave a record 286 rides, carrying 334 people total during the festivities.

The company credits the high volume of riders to media promoting the program.

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- New Year's Eve is generally about celebrating without any worries, but when the party-goers are out that night, they should keep at least one thing in mind - Don't drink and drive!

The "don't drink and drive" warning has been drilled into our heads for a long time, but AAA Allied Group and Yellow Cab Co. in Topeka want to keep reminding citizens the importance of finding a designated driver, and they've got it covered.

Before you start up a car after a night of celebrating on New Year's Eve, think again. If you've been drinking, no way.

Finding a designated driver doesn't mean picking the person who is the least intoxicated, it means staying away from a vehicle no matter what, and this is where Yellow Cab comes in the picture.

Owner Chris Avey said the night before the new year is always an exciting night. There's never a dull moment and everyone is in good spirits.

The Topeka company is teaming up with AAA and the law offices of Swinnen and Associates to provide Care Cab rides to anyone in need on New Year's Eve.

Jim Hanni, Vice President of the Kansas Region and Public Affairs said their main goal is to keep people safe. "It's really important for people to remember, if they're planning to drive, don't drink. If they're planning to drink, don't drive."

Services are extended from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. New Year's morning, a few hours more than last year because of the building success the service has had over the years. Last year Yellow Cab picked up 271 people, but received more than 700 requests.

This year, a driver will take a party-goer home from a drinking establishment or party.

But don't get any bright ideas, the cab's destination is to your home only.

The service will not give rides from homes to parties or from party to party.

If a rider has to leave a vehicle behind, no worries. Yellow Cab will provide a ride back to the car the next morning, if it's before noon.

Because New Year's Day last year had the highest percentage of crash fatalities involving alcohol compared to all other days, using Care Cab is doing everyone a favor.

"If you take off and you think you can handle it with a drink, you're putting everybody else at risk out there on the road," Hanni said. "Just don't get in the car. Call us, we'll come get you."

Avey said the lines can get tied up sometimes because of the flood of calls coming in, but encourages people to be patient. They'll try to get everyone home.

Each year there are more than 3,000 crashes, and a third of all Kansas fatalities involve alcohol.

To get a ride after New Year's festivities, call 357-4444 and make sure to ask for a Care Cab ride.