Patton Beats Powell In District 50 Republican Primary

Fred Patton (WIBW)
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TOPEKA. Kan. (WIBW)- The Shawnee County Board of Canvassers has counted the remaining provisional ballots.

Local attorney Fred Patton won the Republican spot over incumbent Joshua Powell in the District 50 House Republican Primary.

Shawnee County Elections Commissioner Andrew Howell says the canvas is the last time to go through each provisional ballot that was in question before passing it over to the Board of Commissioners who make the final vote of which votes count and which do not.

It was a close race between Republican House candidates Joshua Powell and Fred Patton.

"I think the Powell and Patton race could be close, there could be some effect," says Howell.

"Yeah, we knew it was close. We knew it would be close," said Patton.

So close--Patton topped Powell 1,694 to 1,630 votes on election night Tuesday, a 64-vote lead, with 267 provisional ballots needing review.

When it was over, Patton beat Powell by 62 votes.

"It's important part of wrapping up an election," says Howell.

"We felt confident and it was actually kinda fun, today was an interesting process," said Patton.

Now, Fred Patton is gearing up for the November 4th elections where he'll face Democrat candidate Chris Huntsman.

"We are just excited that we are the ones that came out a little ahead," said Patton.

Powell told 13 News, "We will not ask for a recount. I am proud of the race we ran. We stuck to the issues and ran a clean fact based campaign. I would like to thank all those who walked door to door for us over the last two years and thank the voters for the trust they placed in me. It's been such an honor to serve the people of the 50th district and I will continue to stand up for the conservative values of the 50th District."