Pastors: Asst. Sec. of State Said Kansas Supposed To Be Slave State

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -- The Wichita Ministerial League held a news conference today to air some grievances they have with Assistant Secretary of State Eric Rucker.

The group of predominately black area pastors said Rucker came to July 10th meeting and insulted them.

They say Rucker began his remarks by saying Kansas was supposed to be a slave state.

"Why would anyone come to a meeting predominately consisting of African American pastors and ministers and open with such a statement", said Pastor Herman Hicks of the Greater Pentecostal Church of God.

They said when they asked Rucker about the 24,000 people on the suspended voter list, he talked about efforts to stop illegal voting dating back to the 1859 Wyandotte constitution. Then they said he stopped answering questions.

"Never have I seen someone come in and blatantly disrespect and basically say that our opinions do not matter", said Dr. Cynthia Wolford of New Day Christian Church.

They said days after the meeting Rucker told a reporter he was disrespected and likened the meeting to a talk show with everyone talking out of control.

"Well the only one out of control on that day was mister Rucker himself", said Bishop Wade Moore, President of the Greater Wichita Ministerial League.

The Ministerial League hopes their registration drive and getting voters to the polls called souls to the polls they call it will have a major impact on the upcoming elections.

Posted by: Nick Viviani