Parks and Recreation Present New Projects in Store

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The Shawnee County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board presented a six-year long range improvement plan. The city had a capital improvement plan, but the county does not.

This plans calls to attention the need for annual trail development, new playground equipment, restrooms around Shawnee Lake, a new nature preserve, expanding sports fields, and more projects.

Parks and Recreation will also team up with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to administer a new irrigation system to Cypress Ridge Golf Course. Last summer, they didn't have enough suppy because of the drought, and had to buy city water. The irrigation system will filter water from the Sherwood Treatment Plant.

Everything in the plan isn't final, but if approved, will be implemented in 2013 with this year's budget.

This is the first attempt by the department at a six-year plan.

Terry Bertels, Director of Parks, said the difficult part is asking for a budget.

"The most important thing is that we continue to move forward as a department, taking care of the resources and assets we have and adding to that," Bertels said. "One of the exciting parts of it is the ability to partner with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. I'm hopeful we have the governing body that's interested in these types of projects and that we can move forward with them."

The plan will be put forward to the Board of Commission December 17.

The plan is public record and details can be obtained by calling Shawnee County Parks and Recreation at (785) 267-1156.