Common Core Initiative Frustrates Parents And Educators

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-State Board of Education members heard why changes to what children learn in school didn't make the grade.

The state adopted Common Care in October 2010.

Tuesday's open forum lasted longer than an hour and about 20 people shared their views opposing the Common Core initiative.

Frustrated parents and educators filled the open forum at the Kansas State Board of Education speaking against the Common Core initiative.

"I urge you to rethink Common Core. I don't believe this is a solution," said University of Kansas student, Dakota Hoagland.

Common Core would create a national standardized framework for k-12 education. Not all parents, teachers and students agree it's practical.

"When I started to research Common Core, I quickly found out that it is not state-led and boy was I mad!" said Shawnee mother, Angela Steins.

"Children learn at different stages at different levels and different ways and if I were under a system like Common Core, I would not be where I am today academically," said Hoagland.

Board members disagree.

"If you have a child that lives in Kansas and if they go elsewhere they will be on the same page. That was a selling point for me; that our children will be learning the same thing across the country and for the fundamentals and the foundation, we should all have the same, I think," said (D) Carolyn Campbell, Board Member, District 4.

Even so, parents and teachers plan to keep speaking out.

"What's upsetting to me again is that Washington, again, they have already taken over our health care and now they are trying to take over our education system. Enough is enough! People are tired, " said Stiens.

Assessments for the Common Core are set to be available in Kansas schools by Fall of 2014. So far, no board member has made a proposal to make any changes.