Papa John's Sees Busiest Day Of The Year

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__ The Super Bowl is the biggest day for football and fans, but it wouldn't be the same without that warm slice of pizza to go with that amazing touchdown that gets your team the win.

"This is historically the busiest day of our year and it's because a lot of people are getting together with their families and friends, hanging around the t.v. and nothing beats a couple of large pizzas to help you out with that." Said General Manager Michael McKnight.

Just like any major event, preparation is key. You have to make sure everything goes smoothly in order to keep bringing in the dough.

"The checklist starts when i get here first thing in the morning and after that it's all throughout the day. Keep going back to that checklist, make sure we have everything, double check, triple check, just like Santa Claus." Added McKnight.

But even Santa Claus knows the importance of good food. Despite cookies being on the menu, everyone has their favorite.

"Standard is usually our Works, most times it's our John's Favorite. A lot of times it's a pepperoni. It's usually a large wide variety of pizza's." McKnight said

For those who didn't want to spend time away from family and the game, it makes more sense to order in.

"It's pretty crazy. We usually have a lot of food together, so we didn't want to make weenies and queso, so that's what we did." Shared customer Denise Hayes.

Think your house is busy on game day still? Papa John's makes several hundred pizzas for football fans on Super Bowl Sunday, all while keeping your plates full and taste buds happy.

Papa John's on Wanamaker rd. say their largest order Sunday was 25 pizzas. That included 15 specialty pizzas and 10 one topping pizzas.