PAL Girls Basketball Teams Make History After 41 Years

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__ History was made Saturday afternoon by girls playing basketball at the Oakland Community Center.

For the first time in 41 years, two all girls teams battled it out on the court for the Police Athletic League (PAL).

The teams were comprised of girls from Hayden High School and they shared just how much fun they will have being able to play amongst friends and making history while doing so.

"That's pretty crazy and the best part is we all know each other and we're all really good friends so it's another great thing is that we're going to be able to have fun today and it'll be a good experience for all of us." Shared Hayden Junior Nicole Wooten.

"I think its really exciting that we're one of the few teams who are all girls and we're all really excited to be playing each other since we all know each other and it's really awesome to be one of the teams." Added Hayden Junior Margaret Dunchee.

PAL Director Tom Powell said there are four teams that are all girls this year, however the other two teams play in a different league but they are all from Hayden.