One Local Dairy Pushes Through Hard Times

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__A two-year drought has severely crippled one local dairy farmer, but a recent monetary commitment has given added joy to their annual festival.

The 5th Annual Iwig Dairy Fall Festival was joined by the good news of a 250,000 dollar private investment.

It comes at a time when owner Tim Iwig says feed, corn and hay costs have sky rocketed due to midwest droughts. Iwig says the investment will go a long way.

"What it does, it gets our cows freed up from the security of the bank so we will be financed with our investor going forward. So the cows and part of the equipment." Says Iwig

Tim says the amount will not be enough to entirely save the farm, they will still need more private investors and donations.

You can help the Iwig dairy farm by visiting the link below and type the word dairy in the search box.