One Holton Cheerleader Still Recovering From Van Rollover

A van carrying Holton cheerleaders rolled over and ended up in a ditch. (Eric Ives, WIBW)
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- One Holton High School cheerleader remains hospitalized after the team's van rolled off the road Friday night.

After cheering holton's basketball teams to victory Friday, Merriman and her fellow cheerleaders were planning the rest of their evening on the ride home.

"We were talking about what we were going to eat, what we were going to watch, how late we were going to stay up," said Merriman.

Those plans came to a crashing halt when the van carrying Merriman, three teammates and their supervisor hit black ice on Highway 75, just north of Topeka.

"We were just going across the bridge and I had looked up and the van was sideways on the road and it started swiveling," said Merriman, " I just remember screaming and then we went down into the ditch."

Her mother, Misty Hubach, had just finished working a 12 hour shift when she received news that Merriman had been involved in an accident.

"I was resting on the couch when my daughter Cassidy called me frantic and crying and telling me that the van rolled over and Christa was in it," said Hubach.

"Everyone had their seatbelts on, I'm not sure how I ended up where I did," said Merriman. "I was on the third row seat on the right hand side and I ended up in the storage part. I could hear my friends in the van screaming 'oh my gosh Christa' and I could tell by their screams and stuff that I did not look ok."

Christa had surgery to reconstruct her nose and will have at least two more to fix fractured vertebrae and a ruptured disc. She says the support she's received from friends and family has been overwhelming. Misty is just thankful her daughter is alive.

"Tell them everyday you love them," said Hubach, "Several times a day."

"Everybody says that things happen so fast," said Merriman. "And it definitely did happen really fast.

Merriman also plays softball. She recently signed to pitch for Fort Scott Community College next year.