Man Dies In Hutchinson Lawnmower Accident

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. — A man is dead after a tractor lawnmower accident in Reno County. It happened just before 10 Friday morning on a family farm east of Hutchinson near Airport Road and G Ave.

A man was mowing his field and when he finished, he crossed the street and his tractor mower rolled over in the ditch. Reno County Detectives said he got trapped underneath the back mower attached to the tractor. He was found by his wife.

Several family and friends were near the scene after the accident and said this was nothing more than a farming accident.

Detectives are investigating why the property owner decided to go through the ditch instead of the driveway entrance.

"I don't believe the path he took to this side of the property would have been his normal procedure from what family has said so it's hard to say what exactly took place," said Reno County Detective Sgt. Diana Skomal.

Detectives are looking into any medical reasons that would have caused him to take this different route. No names have been released in the accident. His identity has not yet been released.