One Boy Scout Receives Special Eagle Scout Status

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__ Boy Scouts of America came together to recognize a major accomplishment for one troop at a Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Sunday afternoon.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become an Eagle Scout, but for Troop 249, they know all too well just how to make that hard work pay off.

"nationally, 4-percent of scouts become Eagle Scouts. So to have 50 in 20 years, it's pretty amazing. I'm not sure what our percentage is, but it's higher than 4 percent right now." Shared Life to Eagle Coordinator Fran Brunner Oleen.

For one scout, achieving the great honor of becoming the 50th Eagle Scout for the troop finally meant all those years of earning his badges took him to the top.

"I started scouting in 2003, first grade, something like that. and it's a lot of work to get the Eagle Scout. There were times where it took me a long time to get the next rank but i had some good people that kept urging me to keep going, so i did!" Said Eagle Scout Michael Meenen

One of those people who was there to cheer Michael on as he received his award, recalls how he felt being the first to receive the eagle scout rank of troop 249.

"It's a great honor, great honor and scouting's a great program and I'm honored to be part of it and I'm honored they asked me to come back to participate with it, so it was good." Shared former scout Pete Nagurny.

With all of those years of camping and earning his way to the next rank behind him, Michael says he has one more step in mind.

"I will be attending Kansas State University next fall to start pre-pharmacy school, and then do some scouting stuff i guess with my kids in the future." Said Meenen

Boy Scouts of America prides itself on being one of the largest youth development organizations and strives to build future leaders of America.