Olde Mill Auction Has Closed Its Doors

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- A Topeka auction house has closed its doors.

The Kansas Department of Revenue seized the assets of Susan Metzger and closed the Olde Mill Auction Thursday.

The business on Northeast Winfield owed more than $34,000 in state individual income tax.

Owner Susan Metzger tells 13 news she has been trying to work with the department to get her paperwork out of the auction house to prove she does not owe any money, but no one will allow her into the building.

People who have personal property on consignment with Metzger or Olde Mill Auction can reclaim it through 5 p.m. February 22nd.

Call the Revenue Department at 296-6124,option three or fax your information to 296-1279. You must have a valid consignment inventory order receipt or original purchase receipt.