Ohio Bomb Plot Update: 4th Defendant Gets Prison In Try To Blow Up Cleveland Bridge

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(AP) AKRON, Ohio - Anthony Hayne, who was the first man to plead guilty in a failed plot to bomb a highway bridge in Ohio, was sentenced Friday to six years in prison.

Hayne, of Cleveland, apologized in court for his actions. He took a plea deal to avoid a possible life sentence.

Three other defendants who pleaded guilty after Hayne but without cutting a deal were each sentenced previously to 8-to-11 years in prison.

A fifth defendant is undergoing a psychiatric exam.

The five men were arrested in an FBI sting operation focused on a highway bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Cleveland and Akron. The FBI has said the public was never in danger and the device " bomb" was a dud provided by an informant.

The suspects were described by the government as self-proclaimed anarchists who acted out of anger against corporate America and the government. The defense has called the investigation a case of entrapment, with the informant guiding the way.