Oh Boy! They're All Girls | Jingga Gets Help Feeding Her Cubs

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- It can be tough raising three daughters at the same time (just ask Danny Tanner) and it's no different for the Topeka zoo's 3 year-old Sumatran tiger Jingga. After zoo officials noticed her three cubs, who were all girls, weren't nursing as much and their weights had dropped a bit, they decided to step in.

They discovered her mammary glands were irritated and she was having a hard time nursing her young cubs, who are now 16 days old.

“We had to go in and supplement them,” Staff Veterinarian Dr. Shirley Llizo said. “We are currently feeding the cubs three times a day. We are hoping that once the inflammation goes down, Jingga will again be able to provide all the nourishment the cubs require.”

Jingga is getting better, zoo officials said, and, except when they're off being fed, she spends all of her time with the cubs.

The staff says their still impressed with how gentle she is with her cubs and how willing she is to let her keepers help out.

“We are hopeful that once the inflammation is gone, Jingga will be able to fully nurse them again,” Llizo said. “Our job is to provide her with the support she needs until that happens.”

The cubs have started gaining weight again and are "active, alert, and lively," the zoo said.