Official Filing List Of Topeka Council, Mayoral Candidates

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The City of Topeka Tuesday released the official list of candidates running for mayor and council positions.

The list below was updated as of noon Tuesday, though citizens have until 5 p.m. Tuesday to file for council vacancies.

Larry Wolgast
Michael Allen Ogle
Randall Trackwell

District 1
Matt Bevens
Karen Hiller (I)

District 2
TJ Brown
Jose Martin Munoz
John Campos
Terry M. Desch

District 3
Sylvia Ortiz

District 5
William J. "Shay" Foley
Michelle De La Isla
Terry L. Crowder

District 7
Edward M. Collazo
Elaine Schwatz

District 9
Richard Harmon (I)
Seth Brackman