"Notorious" Career Criminal Captured, Arraigned For 250th Time, Say Cape Cod Cops

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(CBS) BARNSTABLE, Mass. - Derrick Degrace just had another day in court.

The man police describe as a "notorious" career criminal from Mashpee was arraigned for the 250th time on Thursday, CBS Boston reports.

The 45-year-old Degrace, who has a criminal record that dates back to 1985, was arrested Wednesday following a two-week-long crime spree that allegedly included breaking into a car, stealing a checkbook, forging checks, robbing a bank customer, and stealing a 78-year-old woman's purse, CBS Boston says.

Degrace allegedly swiped the checkbook out of a car in a Hyannis parking lot. Investigators say he attempted to cash six forged checks over the next several days at area banks.

As Degrace tried to cash one of those checks at a Bank of America branch in Hyannis, police say bank employees were investigating the check and Degrace became suspicious.

Officers say he took off, and on his way out out of the bank, managed to grab a wad of about $1,300 in cash from a customer who was counting money to be deposited.

Several days later, police say Degrace walked into an area supermarket and grabbed an elderly woman's purse while she was shopping.

Police were able to track down Degrace in Falmouth, CBS Boston reports.

Degrace is charged with breaking and entering into a motor vehicle, six counts of forgery, six counts of uttering a forged instrument, and several counts of larceny, the station says.