New Sewer System, Roadway Coming To Topeka Subdivision

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - One Topeka subdivision will soon have a new sewer system and roadway.

County commissioners approved the project for the Timber Ridge Subdivision during Thursdays meeting.

Schmidtlein Excavating, Inc. will head the project, which will cost almost $270,000.

This is the second phase of construction for the neighborhood, located near 53rd and Wanamker. The first phase was completed last year.

After all the business was taken care of, commissioners took a moment to discuss the recent changes to the meetings.

"I noticed commissioner Buhler almost calling me councilman Archer and I went home Monday night and I was telling my wife about my day and on several occasions I mentioned city staff and city issues," said commissioner Bob Archer. "She corrected me very quickly, saying 'you work for the county now.'"

Thursday's meeting was postponed until the afternoon because the new commissioners were in training.