New Reports On Dangers Of Chemical In Olpe Pipeline Spill

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OLPE, Kan. (WIBW) -- New information is being released on the pipeline spill in Olpe earlier this week.

As was reported on Tuesday, 1,300 gallons of natural gas condensate was blown out of the pipeline, killing acres of soybean crops and leaving a dark, oily residue on some nearby buildings.

At the time, KDHE said people were not at risk as a result of the incident.

On Wednesday, the Emporia Gazette reported that a retired manager of the Environmental and Safety Dept. at an electric company in California said natural gas condensate can include various toxins and can pose a health hazard.

The Gazette reports that it's known to cause cancer and can prevent cells from working properly.

The KDHE says condensate was ejected about 4,800 feet to the north of the site and a secondary plume extended about 15,000 feet from the site.

They state that long-term exposure to benzene can cause Leukemia.

Posted by: Nick Viviani