New Online System At DMV Allows People To Save Time

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-An awesome new system started up Monday at the DMV which allows you to spend less time driving and waiting in line.

Many Shawnee County drivers have spent hours in long lines to get vehicle tags and titles, but a new program should do away with what has been an irritating problem.

A new online and mobile queue system is something Chris Perkins wishes Shawnee County had had a long time ago.

"I could have stayed home with my sick kid but I didn't know I could get online and do that," said Perkins.

The new online system is called, "Awesome Q", and the name suits itself. It allows residents to reserve their spot online without having to drive to the DMV office downtown or at 17th and Wanamaker.

Shawnee County treasurer, Larry Mah, says it's beneficial to

"The best part about it is you don't have to sit here. You can monitor your status via your telephone," said Mah.

Mah says the new online and mobile queue allows customers to choose a location, then issues a ticket number. The system will then send a text when the number is 20 minutes away from service.

However, the new system is for cell phone users only. Mah says if you don't have a cell phone, you will not receive these reminders.

"But it still helps those without a cell phone because they can go out at approximately what time that we are offering the next ticket and make a determination which site annex or downtown would be the better location to go to," said Mah.

Mah says the electronic queue won't stop the lines from forming, but should help residents save some time.

And as for Chris Perkins' next visit to the DMV, he's planning to use "Awesome Q" and sign up online from home.

"Next time, hopefully I wont have to come up here for a while," said Perkins.

The link is located at the top of the Shawnee County treasurer's webage and posted below.