New Law To Deter Roofing Scams In Kansas

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Kansas storms can cause massive damage to homes and leave homeowners desperate for help.

A new law passed by legislation that goes into effect July 1st is hoping to deter some roofing companies from preying on residents' vulnerability.

It's one more step roofing companies will have to knock out before doing business in Kansas. Requiring roofing companies to register with the Attorney General to receive a roofing contractor registration certificate.

Passed by legislation in April, some roofing contracting companies are scrambling to register by the first of the month.

Janetter Cockerham, accountant at Midwest Coating in Topeka, said, " The registration form did not come out until June 26th and our president is out of the office until Monday and that is putting alot of pressure to get it in by July 1st."

While the law takes effect on the first, their is some leniency on registration.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt said, "Obviously not everyone is going to file right away. There is a 60 day grace period required by law and we will be very cautious on enforcing during this time."

While the registration costs $250 dollars annually for roofing companies, officials want to use it as a safeguard against scams...

Schmidt said, "It gives us a reinforcement tool for those fly by night operators who come through the region chasing storms, preying on people in a difficult circumstance, to keep them out of Kansas and bring them to justice if they are in Kansas and ripping people off."

Once the law takes effect you will be able to look at a public directory of roofers who have applied for registration at the Attorney General's website.