New Fort Riley Center Focuses On Health & Wellness Of Soldiers & Families

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FORT RILEY, Kan. (WIBW) -- A new facility at Fort Riley is focusing on soldiers’ fitness at every level, providing what leaders on the installation say is an innovative approach to the care of Army personnel and their families.

Officials with the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley cut the ribbon Friday on the new Victory Center located on Custer Hill.

The center combines the Army Wellness Programs, the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Training Center and resiliency programs conducted by the Army Community Services Center.

“With 11 years of demanding, repeated deployments and a high operational tempo, the health of the force has to stay on the leaders’ radar. I want to make this very clear- the focus on comprehensive fitness is not a reaction; it is a proactive stance to ensure that we are ready and resilient,” said Major General Paul Funk, Commanding General of Fort Riley and the 1st Infantry Division during Friday’s ceremony.

Services at the Victory Center are available to active-duty soldiers, their families, retirees and civilian employees at Fort Riley.

Among the many services offered at the facility, guests can calculate their body fat percentage and work with professionals to determine how they can burn fat and make healthy choices when it comes to their diet.

Kendra Seat, Director of the Army Wellness Center at Fort Riley, was instrumental in developing the Victory Center concept.

She says the combined approach to service delivery is more efficient and effective and will greatly enhance care and sustainability of those who visit the facility.