New Details Revealed For Pedestrian Bridge In North Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - New details revealed Wednesday on plans for a pedestrian bridge over railroad tracks in North Topeka.

Planning officials told a meeting of the Riverfront Authority, that discussions include closing North Kansas Avenue to traffic on either side of the tracks that sit between the NOTO Arts District and the Topeka Rescue Mission.

Supporters say the bridge will improve safety for people needing to cross the tracks.

They say closing the street to traffic could boost business and residential development, plus, trains would no longer need to sound the whistle we hear about 80 times a day.

"This could be a destination," said Bill Fiander, City of Topeka Planning Director. "In other communities, we've seen railroad enthusiasts -- just families -- come down to view the trains rolling under them. We could have art integrated into the structure so it's very attractive and a unique structure."

The project could cost upward of $2.5 million. Union Pacific has offered to pay part of the costs.