Neighborhood Wants Pedestrian Safety In East Topeka WalMart Plans

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Some east Topeka residents want officials to keep pedestrian safety in mind as they steer a WalMart toward their part of town.

The developers behind a proposed WalMart Supercenter are hosting a neighborhood information meeting Wednesday. They plan to build on 17 acres of land off SE 25th and California.

Right now, 25th street in that area has no sidewalk.

Bob Schneider of Highland Acres NIA says information from the Topeka Housing Authority showed only 10 of the 89 households in nearby housing areas have vehicles. The 79 households without vehicles encompass 234 people, so the NIA feels walkers must be kept in mind when planning the new store.

Schneider says neighborhood residents surveyed overwhelmingly want the store and believe it will be good for the area. However, he says the city needs to understand just how many people walk to conduct their errands. He says he believes WalMart will finish the sidewalk along the street, but he that still won't address people who might need to cross the street to get to the store, including mothers with strollers and people who are disabled.

The NIA plans to raise the concerns at the information meeting. It begins at 6 pm Wednesday, July 24, at Highland Park High School's cafeteria.