Fraternal Order Of Police Opposes TPD Security Deal With Stormont-Vail

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The Topeka-Shawnee County Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge #3 released the following Friday, stating opposition to a yet to be finalized deal between Stormont-Vail and Topeka Police.

Released By Topeka-Shawnee Co. FOP Lodge #3 to 13 News Friday September 27, 2013:

The Topeka/Shawnee County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 fundamentally disagrees with the concept of the City of Topeka entering into a contract to provide Police services to Stormont-Vail Hospital, or any other private entity. Many private entities throughout Shawnee County hire off duty officers and deputies to provide a police presence for their customers and employees, and Stormont-Vail should not be treated differently.

The impact on the community under this contract will be to have an officer that is visible in the community to be placed in a stationary position solely for Stormont-Vail. The minor budgetary impact of this contract will not improve overall police services, and the money will go entirely into the City’s general fund rather than the police department budget.

It is important to note that the FOP has been given the opportunity to review a draft of the contract and has provided some input critical to the operational aspects of the contract. However, we do not believe the draft contract will violate any labor agreement currently in place between the City of Topeka and the FOP.

The Officers represented by the FOP strive to provide professional and dedicated police service to the Topeka community. We all want to have a safer community in which to work and live in. In the end, the Officers will follow all direction given by the leaders of the Topeka Police Department who make decisions with that service in mind.

President Steve Evans
Topeka/Shawnee County Fraternal Order of Police
Lodge #3

Reported September, 12, 2013:

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- A contract is in the works that would put Topeka Police Department officers on security duty at Stormont-Vail's emergency room, according to the city.

A contract hasn't been finalized, but the city says Stormont-Vail has discussed paying $438,000 a year for six officers. Divided out, that equates to $73,000 each, covering salaries and benefits.

The city tells 13 News officers could be working at the hospital as early as October 1 if a deal is reached. The plan would be to staff the hospital every day of the week.

“This represents a practical partnership between the City and the business community," said City Manager Jim Colson. "It would result in cost savings to the general fund and would address an identified public safety issue within the community.”

The City Manager's Office emphasized Thursday that a deal has not been finalized. The plan would not require council approval.