WWII Veteran Is Reunited With Old War Plane

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__ A former Navy WWII Veteran has been reunited with the exact plane he trained in during the war.

When Wiliam "Bill" Borst of Overland Park, KS received a call from Ken Terpstra of the Stockton Field Aviation Museum in California, the news he received was overwhelming.

Terpstra tracked down Borst using old documents and asked him to come out to Topeka for the airshow. This way they could reunite the Navy Veteran with his former PV-2 Harpoon plane he trained in during the war.

Borst was in charge of operating the radio communications as well as radar and navigation. He said that he never got to see combat during WWII but came close.

He and his fellow crew were ready to go to Germany when they got word the war had ended there. They then came back to California where they were preparing to leave for Japan to bomb the beaches. The war ended before they could leave.

Bill Borst graduated highschool in Salina in June of 1943. He turned 18 in July and was drafted in September.

He had the opportunity to choose which branch he wanted and decided on the Navy. He told us his rank during that time was Petty Officer 1st Class.