National Work Zone Awareness Week Promotes Safe Driving

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Topeka, Kan. (WIBW)-Gary Burroughs knows the dangers highway workers face everyday.

"We was stopped to work on a sign, so we pulled over and we were working on the side and the semi come up behind us and hit the tail end of the truck and my partner was clear under the truck and it killed him," he said.

Burroughs and other KDOT road construction workers shared their stories at the National Work Zone Awareness Event in Topeka.

Unfortunately, their experiences are all too common. Last year, 608 people were injured and 8 workers were killed in Kansas road construction work zones.

"Work zone safety is a reminder for drivers that hey this is for you and your passengers in your vehicles as well because of the facts that 90% of injured and killed in work zones are motorists themselves," said Kimberly Qualls, the Northeast Kansas Public Affairs Manager for KDOT.

And as KDOT workers looked at the cones remembering their coworkers, police and workers offered advice to drivers.

"All they got to do is slow down, what's 15,10 seconds? Nothing compared to a person's life and that's really about all it amounts to," said Burroughs.

Statewide transportation partners donated a $3,950 check to go toward work zone safety efforts.