NRA Sends Support Letter To Child

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CNN —The National Rifle Association mailing that arrived at a Winchester family’s home reads like campaign literature.

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"Act now," the brochure says, "The NRA needs your support."

A letter includes this statement form the group's executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre: "Unless you and I stand firm under one banner to defeat gun bans. It’s only a matter of time until we lose our freedom, our heritage and our American way of life."

The envelope was addressed to the family’s 10-year-old son, which outraged his parents.

“I disagree with them and I disagree deeply,” said the boy’s father who did not wanted to be identified fearing retaliation from NRA supporters. “The issue of gun control is sensitive especially in light of recent events,” he said.

What worried the child’s parent’s most is the free giveaway prominently shown on the envelope and brochure. The NRA offered a free pocket knife for anyone who filled out a survey and joined. The parents caught the mailing before their son saw it.

“I think it was a mistake but I believe the NRA should be responsible to check the addressees,” the father said. “The proposal to send a knife was like a bribe."

How the boy’s name got on the NRA’s mailing list isn’t known. The letter asked the boy to support his “fellow Winchester gun owners.” The group’s spokesperson did not return WCVB’s request for a comment.

“We don’t want to give him an idea that it’s OK for him to have a knife or that it’s OK to own a gun at least until he’s old enough to make the decision himself,” the father said.

The NRA is also facing a backlash for launching a new app offered on iTunes for target shooting. The write-up for the app claims it’s suitable for kids ages 4 and up.