Mysterious Tile Embedded In Downtown Topeka Street

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - An odd addition was spotted in a downtown Topeka street this week.

It is a tile with an inscription reading in part, "House of Hades - One man versus American media in society - 2011."

City spokesperson Suzie Gilbert tells 13 News the tile appears to be embedded in the pavement near 6th and S. Kansas Avenue, using some type of epoxy or laminate cement. They have no idea how it got there.

Gilbert says the city's night crews planned to remove it Thursday night using a special torch. If that doesn't work, they'll mill and patch the area.

An online search shows House of Hades is known as a copycat producer of what are known as Toynbee tiles. The tiles contain graffiti or guerilla propaganda, often in the form of cryptic messages. They have been turning up in the streets of cities across the country since the 1980s.