Muscotah Becomes Home To World's Biggest Baseball

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MUSCOTAH, Kan. (WIBW) - You've heard of the world's largest ball of twine, or the biggest ball of yarn. Now in Kansas, we have the world's biggest baseball!

Muscotah, Kansas is home to the worlds largest baseball, standing about 20 feet tall.

The people of Muscotah didn't do it just for fun though, they are commemorating hall of famer Joe Tinker, who played shortstop for the 1908 world series winning Chicago Cubs.

Those helping with the project say this is a great way to help out a small community.

"The comradery during a day like this mixing with the locals is just priceless," said Marci Penner, Director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation. "It's just a really good feeling day for everybody and in the end, we're going to leave Muscotah with something that will be around for a while."

Penner says they are hoping to add a baseball museum inside the large baseball one day.