Morris County Takes Steps To Prevent Suicide

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MORRIS CO., Kan. (WIBW) - Over the past six months, Morris County has lost four young lives to suicide. Community members are now coming together to stop the tragic trend.

At a prayer walk around Council Grove High School Sunday evening, members of the faith community stopped at seven locations along the way to focus their prayers on difficulties young people may face, from addiction to fear, to apathy.

Community, faith and business leaders have banded together and decided to bring in a group called The Seven Project to help give students the mechanisms to cope with life's issues.

"What I'm hoping for as a member of the faith community, that kids recognize that there are people in this community that care for them," Pastor Brad Cartmill, one of the organizers of the prayer walk, said. "During the Seven Project, what we're really trying to do is encourage peer to peer intervention. so peers can help one another and lift each other up.

Seven Project will give presentations to students at the Council Grove High School and Middle School assemblies Wednesday morning.