More Arrests With Ties To Hudson Crossing

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- More arrests in the crime web tying two murders to the Hudson Crossing Shopping Center, a former manager of Mo's Express convenience store is now behind bars, with another man, facing the same charges for which a Mo's Express partner was arrested last week.

13 News reporters have interviewed Anthony Talbert Jr. several times. Talbert even touted a "Take Back East Topeka" rally, held in January in response to rising criminal activity in the area. Now police say Talbert could have been tied to those crimes.

Criminal activity at Hudson Crossing started raising eyebrows back in November, when two clerks were shot in an armed robbery at Mo's Express.

Co-worker Anthony Talbert Jr. talked to 13 News cameras then, calling the violence senseless.

Then, on Christmas Eve, the murder of Hudson Liquor Manager Matthew Hill. Topeka Police made an arrest in that case, but another killing quickly followed.

Hudson Crossing developer, Corey Brown's body was discovered in Douglas County in January, two days after Mo's Express partner Monroe Lockhart's car was found intentionally set on fire.

In the first week of February, authorities arrested Lockhart on charges unrelated to the homicide. Now Topeka Police say two more men, Talbert, and Jacob Barnett, 21, were with Lockhart.

Police say the trio entered a home at 19th and Adams last November, assaulted a woman with a knife, and threatened to kill a man who also was there.

Each faces six charges, including aggravated burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Mo's Express remains closed.

Police would not comment on the investigation into Corey Brown's death.